NVNR New Owners’ Retreat

July 19-22, 2021 after dinner!

Welcome new bookstore owners to a retreat designed just for you. (By new, we mean 5 years or less.)

NAIBA and SIBA, through their joint event platform, New Voices New Rooms, is hosting a series of evening meetings July 19 – 22. Monday through Wednesday will be from 6:30-8pm ET and Thursday will be 7-8:30pm ET. This schedule is out of respect for your limited availability during the day while you work your bookstore.

Seasoned booksellers and special guests will be on hand to guide you through your growth, share their experiences, help you envision your future, and answer your most pressing questions. It is a perfect opportunity to step away from the store, look at your operations, finances, and resources for perspective, ideas, and solutions.

This event is geared for stores that have opened in the last five years and/or owners who have purchased an existing store in the last five years. The registration fee is $25 pp. Members and nonmembers are welcome.

Register here

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