Introducing The Studio Gallery & Bookstore Row

A different approach to networking at a virtual conference

The most important thing about any conference is not the speakers you come to see or the workshops you sign up to attend, it is the connections you make with your colleagues. Those are the true resources you bring back to help with your business.

In order to foster connections between booksellers, publishers, and vendors, New Voices New Rooms has replaced the static “exhibit hall” and “attendee list” with two highly interactive directories we are calling “The Studio Gallery” (Publishers & Vendors) and “Bookstore Row” (Bookstores, obviously).

The Studio Gallery and Bookstore Row are designed as detailed directories which can be filtered, sorted, searched, and downloaded, and contain detailed company information and resources that are most useful to bookstores and the publisher/vendor partners of NVNR.

“One of the most common things we heard from booksellers after last year’s show was how frustrating it was to re-enter information in form after form for publisher after publisher,” notes Eileen Dengler, NAIBA’s executive director. “If they were at an in-person show they would be handing out business cards. But in a virtual show, everything required filling out a form.”

“Publishers experienced the same kind of frustration,” added Linda-Marie Barrett, Executive Director of SIBA. “The Studio Gallery and Bookstore Row make it much easier for booksellers and publishers to share important information.”

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NVNR has prioritized the kind of necessary information booksellers and publishers need to facilitate good relationships:

In The Studio Gallery booksellers can find:

  • Contact info for their sales rep
  • Instructions for setting up appointments during and outside of the show
  • Detailed show specials
  • Links to instructions for setting up a new account
  • Links to event grids, downloadable catalogs, and other downloadable resources
  • Links to Edelweiss collections and product images.
  • Links to offsite resources, websites, and videos
  • Information about sponsored events and author appearances in the schedule

On Bookstore Row, booksellers and partnering publishers and vendors can find:

  • Store contact information, website links, and social media accounts
  • Store descriptions, including any special focus the store has
  • Staff contact information for buyers, event managers, and other specialized staff positions
  • Links to downloadable and online press kits
  • A gallery of store photos
gallery screenshot
Bookstore Row Card Photo Gallery

Each studio and bookstore row card also has an assigned “permalink” which can be shared with others during the show as a quick way to provide important company information.

The Studio Gallery & Bookstore Row are open to NVNR attendees only and will remain available through the end of the year.

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