“Readers of the Last ARC” Galley Room is now open for publisher & vendor submissions.

The “Readers of the Last ARC” Galley Room is now open for publisher & vendor submissions.

The Galley Room is a premium, attendee-only feature of New Voices New Rooms. It will launch on August 15th, remain open for new submissions until the start of the show on September 27, and close when the show ends on October 1st. Booksellers will be able to create their own request list and update or add to it until the show is over. Publishers will receive a comprehensive list of bookseller ARC requests the first week of October, along with relevant shipping information and whether or not the bookseller prefers print or digital ARCs.

The Readers of the Last ARC Galley Room

Each listing includes an image, title, author, genre, pub date, and imprint information. Listings also contain links to the publisher’s Studio and the book’s Edelweiss listing, if available. As the NVNR schedule is finalized, books will also be tagged by any relevant events.

Listings will be able to be searched, filtered, and downloaded as a spreadsheet. The Galley Room is also completely mobile-friendly and can be accessed by any device.

To submit ARCs to the Galley Room, email nicki@sibaweb.com.


1) You must have a published Studio space to submit
2) ARCs must conform to the NVNR Code of Conduct

There is no fee to submit ARCs, and no limit on the number of titles that can be submitted. Non-book items from gift and sideline vendors are also allowed.

For questions about your studio space reservation and status, contact Kit Little at naibabooksellers@gmail.com
For questions about the the Galley Submission process or your ARC listings, contact nicki@sibaweb.com.

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