New Voices New Rooms May (& August!)

A Call for Authors, Reps, & Editors

Share your insider information with booksellers on the east coast. Two days of Editors Buzz and Pick of the Lists at the time booksellers are making their buys for Fall and Holiday titles.

How to use NVNR to your advantage:

Use Your Studio Space!
  • Announce the Fall & Holiday releases.
  • Broadcast seasonal promotions.
  • Share links to genre Edelweiss catalogs to help bookstores fill out special sections
  • Post videos of editors talking about their projects. Link to an Edelweiss catalog.
  • Post videos of author interviews and promotions.

Apply for an Editors Buzz and/or Pick of the List session: We have more of those sessions in two days than anywhere else in the industry. All these will be recorded and available for booksellers for three solid months. Register to apply

Take advantage of NVNR breakout rooms to invite a limited number of booksellers to meet an author. The online version of an author luncheon. Unlike author panels, booksellers will have the chance to engage with the author.

List Galleys in the Readers of the Last ARC: Share print and digital copies of the new releases you want booksellers to handsell. Don’t worry if the ARC is not ready yet. Post it now, we’ll provide you with a request list, and you can send it later. Register to reserve a listing

All this content will be promoted continuously to the booksellers until the NVNR August.

NVNR: a long & fruitful promotional shelf life for books!

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