NVNR August Attendee Guide

Welcome to NVNR August! This Attendee Guide will help you to navigate the event and help you get where you wish to go!



Sign in to the Attendee Hub with your registration email address to reach all things NVNR. No passwords required!

Once you are signed in, you will have instant access to the Schedule, Studio Gallery, Bookstore Row, Author and Presenters Gallery, and of course the wildly popular Readers of the Last ARC Galley Room — featuring three hundred books!



NVNR is hosted on the Zoom platform. Each event in the schedule has been assigned a Zoom Channel: Z1M, Z1W, Z2M. All attendees have been pre-registered for events. Sign in to the Attendee Hub to see your personal, unique zoom links to each channel. They will go live on Sunday:

zoom link buttons

If you lose or forget your zoom links you can click the “join” button on any event in the schedule. You will be taken to a registration page where you can enter your email address. You will then be recognized by Zoom and allowed into the event if it is open.


NVNR Support Buttons
Look for the purple and red buttons that appear on the NVNR site. The purple "contact" button will give you a way to directly contact any of the NVNR Staff.

The red "support" button will submit a fast support ticket. Those will be monitored as long as NVNR is running, and are monitored during business hours between NVNR events. It is the fastest way to get an answer to urgent questions.



Each day of NVNR is bookended by Author Panels in the morning and the evening, with education sessions, networking events, and publisher "book buzz" events during the day.

All times are Eastern Time


9:00 AM, Z1W | Author Breakfast We are Here: Centering Our Black and Brown Community
10:30 AM, Z1M | Owners Retreat
1:00 PM, Z1M | Book Buzz, featuring HarperCollins, W.W. Norton, Blackstone Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Sourcebooks
2:15 PM, Z1M | Author Interlude!
3:00 PM, Z1M | Education Session: Income Beyond Selling Books
3:00 PM, Z2M | Education Session: Hospitality, the TLC of Event Planning
4:30 PM, Z1M | Book Buzz, featuring Grove Atlantic, Tin House Books, Consortium, Parson Weems
7:00 PM, Z1W | Author Dinner: Look Who’s In Town



9:00 AM, Z1W | Author Breakfast Big Ideas for Little Readers: Storytelling Through Picture Books
9:45 AM, Z1M | Author Interlude!
10:30 AM, Z1M | Children’s Booksellers Retreat
10:30 AM, Z2M | Education Roundtables
1:00 PM, Z1M | Book Buzz, featuring HarperCollins, Scholastic, Hachette Book Group, Sourcebooks, Penguin Random House, Ingram, Two Rivers, Consortium, Parson Weems
2:15 PM, Z1M | Author Interlude!
3:00 PM, Z1W | Education Session: Responding to Hate
4:30 PM, Z1M | Book Buzz, featuring Como Sales, Rutgers University Press, Baker & Taylor Publisher Services
7:00 PM, Z1W | Author Dinner: YA Suspense, Magic, and Horror



9:00 AM, Z1W | Author Breakfast Alternate Futures, Four Scenarios
9:45 AM, Z1W | Author Interlude!
10:30 AM, Z1W | Education: Banned Books
1:00 PM, Z1M | Book Buzz, featuring Catapult, Chesapeake & Hudson, Steerforth Press, Beacon, Histria Books, The Collective Book Studio, Seven Stories Press
3:00 PM, Z1M| Education Session: POS and EDI Services
3:00 PM, Z2M | Education Session: Buying Criteria
7:00 PM, Z1W | Author Dinner: Memoir


Books by presenting authors, and many of the books presented at the Book Buzz sessions can be found here.

The Galley Room is open to all NVNR attendees. Available quanities and formats are at the discrention of each book’s publisher. You will find instructions at the top of the page. Simply click on the red bar that says “CLICK HERE TO REQUEST GALLEYS” and then enter your email address in the form that comes up.

Add to ShelfClicking the blue “Add to My Shelf” button at the top of the form allows you start adding books to your wishlist. Note that because there are over 300 books in the Galley Room, the list is divided into sections, with a special section at the top for authors at the show.

Remember to click “Save” at the bottom when you are done!


Enjoy your time at NVNR August!

The NVNR Team


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