2022 VIndies Awards Moved to November 16th

The VIndiesNew Voices New Rooms has rescheduled the 2022 VIndies Award Ceremony for November 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM. Anyone who has already registered to attend the event will have their reservation updated to reflect the new date.

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127 videos were nominated for the 2022 VIndies from stores in the SIBA and NAIBA regions. Taken all together the nominations represent the range of bookseller creativity, ingenuity, and occasionally bookseller silliness. NVNR decided to delay the VIndies Ceremony in consideration of Florida bookstores that have been impacted by Hurricane Ian.

NVNR will announce the 2022 VIndie finalists on October 15th and the winners will be unveiled at the ceremony on November 16th.

The VIndies proved to be one of the highlights of NVNR’s 2021 event, featuring screening of finalists and on-screen appearances of store staff and videographers. See the 2021 finalists and winners

For more information visit newvoicesnewrooms.org or contact:

Linda-Marie Barrett lindamarie@sibaweb.com
Eileen Dengler eileen@naiba.com

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