New Voices New Rooms Confirms Leadership Expert Julia Fabris McBride for Conference Keynote

NVNR Logo 2023New Voices New Rooms is pleased to announce leadership expert Julia Fabris McBride as the Keynote speaker for the upcoming NVNR conference August 7-10 in Arlington, Virginia. The keynote address will be held on Tuesday, August 8 at 9:00 AM.

When Booksellers Lead: The Tough Challenges Get Seen and Solved

Leadership is not about authority and position. Leadership is actually an activity—small actions taken in moments of opportunity. That means everyone can lead.  You can lead, no matter your role in your bookstore or place in your community. When more people feel empowered to see, and seize our moments to lead, we make more progress on our most important challenges.

Julia Fabris McBrideWhen Everyone Leads

Julia Fabris McBride, co-author of When Everyone Leads, a new book from Bard Press and the Kansas Leadership Center, will present on leadership tools to support your ability to lead among your peers and teams. The goal: to discover new ways to move forward on what matters most, and to leave this session with insight and energy about: 

  • Leadership in The Gap between big concerns and bold aspirations.
  • Common barriers to leadership and how to get around them.
  • Leadership starts with you and must engage others.
  • Moving forward on what matters most.
  • Making leadership less risky for others.
  • Building cultures where everyone leads.

After Julia’s presentation, booksellers will be divided into groups to discuss the ideas presented, with specific applications on current issues facing stores today.

Julia Fabris McBride is Chief Civic Leadership Development Officer of the Kansas Leadership Center, a certified coach and co-author of three books, the When Everyone Leads (Bard Press, January 2023), Teaching Leadership: Case-in-Point, Case Teaching, and Coaching and the brand new Your Leadership Edge Teacher Companion. At KLC, she oversees teacher and coach development and created three professional programs for leadership developers, including an Advanced Leadership Development Intensive that has drawn people to Wichita from five continents. Before taking up the art of leadership development Julia trained at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and enjoyed a fun and varied career as an actor in Chicago. She lives amidst the Kansas tallgrass prairie, where she and her sculptor husband enjoy hosting retreat-seekers, artists, birdwatchers and railroad enthusiasts.

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