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Books Forward represents New York Times bestsellers, national award-winning books, and books that catch fire on social media from authors and publishers all around the world.

Our passion is helping elevate important messages and stories from diverse voices, and we are a proud champion of independent bookstores!

With our firm based in New Orleans and Nashville, we are grateful for this opportunity to introduce you to our buzzworthy Southern authors who are releasing fantastic new reads this season.

We work with each author to spark national and regional media stories, set up events (now virtual!) with indie bookstores and book clubs, and build online influencer campaigns–all of which we hope helps boost sales for our beloved indie bookstores!

Find out how you can receive a free social media consultation, get some cool swag, book an author for a virtual learning opportunity, and much more on our Welcome to SIBA / NAIBA Page!

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The Books Forward Gallery

Our Team Teaches You to “Speak Louisiana”
Books Forward staff members welcome you (virtually) to New Orleans with a short video helping you pronounce some of the trickier words you’d see.

Jenny Milchman Reads New Thriller
Bestselling author Jenny Milchman (known for what Shelf Awareness called the “World’s Longest Bookstore Tour”) reads from her newest thriller, The Second Mother.

Big Freedia Thanks Indies
New Orleans’ own Big Freedia thanks indies for helping her celebrate the paperback launch of God Save the Queen Diva!

Rea Frey on the Importance of Indies
Bestselling author Rea Frey talks about the importance of indie bookstores.

Travis Andrews’ Top  Jeff Goldblum Facts
Louisiana native Travis Andrews gives you the top facts he learned about Jeff Goldblum while writing a hilarious unauthorized biography, Because He’s Jeff Goldblum: The Movies, Memes, and Meaning of Hollywood’s Most Enigmatic Actor.

Ed Aymar’s Tips for Virtual Events
Award-winning author Ed Aymar shares tips for virtual events he’s learned while running D.C.’s popular Noir at the Bar series.

Featured Authors

The Places We Sleep by Caroline Brooks DuBois
It’s early September 2001, and twelve-year-old Abbey is the new kid at school. Again. Written in gorgeous narrative verse, Abbey’s coming-of-age story accessibly portrays the military family experience during a tumultuous period in our history. Selected for Summer/Fall 2020 Kids Indies Introduce List AND Fall 2020 Kids Indie Next List. Caroline is an award-winning educator from Nashville, Tennessee and her stories and poetry are inspired by her upbringing across the region.

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Title: The Places We Sleep
Author: Caroline Brooks DuBois
Release Date: August 25, 2020
Press: Penguin Random House / Holiday House
The Places We Sleep Website

Down to the Potter’s House by Annette Valentine
Down to the Potter’s House is a 1921-1942 historical fiction novel set on a tobacco farm turned racehorse breeding stable in rural Kentucky. In this second installment in the My Father Series, the tenacious Gracie Maxwell learns to forge her own path as she grows from naive schoolgirl to committed missionary to loving wife and mother. In another epic tale of courage and determination, Annette Valentine once again brings to light the inspirational characters her readers adore.

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Title: Down to the Potter’s House
Author: Annette Valentine
Release Date: November 3, 2020
Press: Morgan James

Prepped by Bethany Mangle
Becca Aldaine’s family is part of a community of doomsday preppers, a neighborhood that prioritizes survivalist training over class trips or senior prom. When a devastating accident rocks her family and community, Becca will have to risk everything — including her heart — for a chance to hope for the best instead of planning for the worst. Coming soon from Mississippi author Bethany Mangle!

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Title: Prepped
Author: Bethany Mangle
Release Date: February 23, 2021
Press: Simon & Schuster / McElderry Books

Three Treats Too Many: A Sarah Blair Mystery by Debra H. Goldstein
When a romantic rival opens a competing restaurant in small-town Wheaton, Alabama, Sarah Blair discovers murder is the specialty of the house. Inspired by longtime litigator and writer Goldstein’s own distaste for cooking, every Southerner whose secret shame is not being the most adept in the kitchen will find a friend in the witty, wisecracking Blair.

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Title: Three Treats Too Many: A Sarah Blair Mystery
Author: Debra H. Goldstein
Release Date: August 25, 2020
Press: Kensington Books

All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss by Rebecca Whitehead Munn
Tennessee author Rebecca Whitehead Munn paints a realistic picture of the impact cancer has on an individual’s life in All of Us Warriors. This inspirational book provides a positive outlook of strength and perseverance and offers honest, workable comfort strategies that can’t be found on online medical sites.  Like a conversation with a new best friend (or twenty of them), All of Us Warriors is full of understanding, acceptance, and practical advice gained from personal experience for tackling the grief of cancer.

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Title: All Of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss
Author: Rebecca Whitehead Munn
Release Date: September 1, 2020
Press: She Writes Press

Salty Strong: The “Whole” Cajun Story by Chris Whitson
Salty is a divine Cajun boy created from the salt of the earth. While dwelling deep in the caverns of the ancient salt domes in the swamps of Louisiana, he enjoys cooking and caring for all his critters. But one day when burly salt miners arrive, Salty’s ordinary world suddenly changes forever. Chris Whitson’s love for Louisiana shines through this magical picture book.

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Title: Salty Strong
Author: Chris Whitson
Release Date: May 4, 2020
Press: Archway Publishing
Salty Strong Website

The Blushing Beginning by D. Hale Rambo
Zizy Zakar is a great gnome thief. Well, a pretty good one. Okay, she isn’t that bad. Stealing a priceless artifact and using it to teleport halfway across the continent wasn’t easy but for a new life and a chance to be her own person, a gnome’s gotta do what a gnome’s gotta do. When she’s pressed into a final job by the family she just tried to shake, Zizy hopes her ability to get in and out unhurt holds up just one last time. Texas author D. Hale Rambo will take you on an enchanting journey with Zizy: Traveling through a nation completely unlike her gnomish home, she must determine if this journey will really be the final key to her freedom from a family business she never wanted or just another sticky situation she has to run from.

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Title: The Blushing Beginning
Author: D. Hale Rambo
Release Date: Spring 2021

Fargo Burns by Kos Kostmayer
32-year-old Mississippi-born Fargo Burns makes two serious mistakes and spends the rest of his life trying to undo the damage. Mistake #1: Fargo goes mad, violently so, and turns into a dog. He finds himself in a mental hospital under the care of a psychiatrist (whom he believes to be Virginia Woolf). Released from the hospital, Fargo makes mistake #2: he begins an affair with a professional killer’s girlfriend. Originally from Mississippi, Kostmayer’s writing consciously builds out of a southern tradition in literature. Echoing the author’s own experience moving from the deep south to New York City, the protagonist of Fargo Burns alternates between memories of his life in the south and his chaotic present in urban New York.

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Title: Fargo Burns
Author: Kos Kostmayer
Release Date: March 1, 2020
Press: Dr. Cicero Books

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