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We are Central Avenue Publishing, a traditional press passionate about fiction and poetry that portrays humanity at its worst and its best.

We are proud to have had many of our titles on bestseller lists, go viral, win respected awards, endorsed by celebrities, and enjoyed by readers all over the world.

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Featured Titles from Central Avenue Publishing

Reading With Robin: Alone Together: Love, Grief, and Comfort in the Time of COVID-19

Alone Together
Bestselling authors and poets come together to contribute essays, poetry, and interviews about love, grief, and comfort during the coronavirus pandemic with proceeds to benefit Binc and independent booksellers who play an integral role in literature.

Dead Money
Inspired by an obscure Chinese custom and based on actual 21st century events, Srinath Adiga’s debut novel is dark satire in the mold of Brave New World and 1984. It is a tale of greed, corruption and how the very things that make us human can lead to our demise.

The Innkeeper’s Daughter
Well-researched, gritty and terribly romantic, The Innkeeper’s Daughter is the first in a darkly entertaining historical romance mystery series set in Regency London, complete with a beautiful girl in peril, a flawed gentleman spy, a nasty pimp, and a sinister hell-fire club with deadly secrets.

Lava Red Feather Blue
From an accomplished writer comes a Sleeping Beauty reimagining filled with magical beings, witches, and faeries as a centuries-old prince is accidentally reawakened by a modern-day man.

Oslo Maine
A riveting exploration of the nature of man and moose by an accomplished writer set in rural Maine. Small-town Empire Falls meets quirky Olive Kitteridge, Oslo, Maine paints a heartbreaking yet finally hopeful story, where fragile families who want only the best must fail before they succeed. And throughout, an ever-present moose is the linchpin that drives this richly drawn novel to its unexpected conclusion.

coffee days whiskey nights
From a popular writer with strong poetry and LGBT community connections comes an exploration of the optimism a cup of coffee can bring to the lingering whiskey-fuelled thoughts that keep us up at night.

Confessions of Her
This debut collection by Instagram sensation, Cindy Cherie, is a tale of survival portraying how one woman managed to end up finding love in herself, rather than searching for it in the arms of another. Through the journey she finds enlightenment and ultimately, saves herself. The story is told in a unique way, eloquently and relatably woven throughout themed chapters of poetry and prose.

The Grief We’re Given
A debut collection from a critically acclaimed poet whose work has graced multiple literary journals and anthologies. A fantastic suggestion for readers in between contemporary, accessible poetry and the more abstract and literary.

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