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As a show special, we’re doing something different. We are not selling you fixtures–just offering help in using your current ones.

We’re offering four stores (first come) a free 2 hour consult via Zoom with Lisa to talk about how to use what you have right now, better. It’s a workshop where you and 3 colleagues will look at your space, identify opportunities and follow up with your ta-da moments and questions. We’re not talking about new fixtures–but about using what you have already in place. It’s a personal workshop just to help you improve right now.

In the exclusive for-your-store workshop, we’ll look at how Pattern Languages are working for you, visual merchandising, flow, safety and opportunity areas as you define them.

Email Lisa Uhrik directly to claim your space in the workshop!

Enjoy our special video presentation in the New Voices New Rooms Theater:
Crafting Your “Thank you” Space with C.A.R.E.

Franklin Fixtures Features

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Righton Books
St. Simon’s, Georgia

Rough Draft Bar at Story on the Square
McDonough, Georgia

Story & Song Bookstore Bistro
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Parnassus Books
Nashville, Tennessee

Odyssey Books
South Hadley, Massachusetts

Old Town Open Books
Warrentown, Virginia

Sidekick Coffee & Books
Iowa City, Iowa

Prologue Bookshop
Columbus, Ohio

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