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Holiday House has been a proud publisher of quality children’s books that entertain, enlighten, and educate since 1935. Our long history of award-winning books continues today with the addition of the Neal Porter Books and Margaret Ferguson Books imprints. We are also pleased to introduce and represent our sister company Pixel+Ink, a new publishing company devoted exclusively to series for children’s ages 3–13. Each of their properties are full of heart and humor.


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Featured Titles from Holiday House

Field Trip to the Ocean Deep
Come join the fun as students take a submarine bus on a field trip to explore the ocean deep, in this wordless picture book from the creator of Field Trip to the Moon! John Hare’s rich, atmospheric art invites all children to imagine themselves in the story—a tale full of mysteries, surprises, and adorable aquatic friends.

Margaret Ferguson Books
ISBN: 9780823446308
On-sale now

I Talk Like a River
What if words got stuck in the back of your mouth? What if they never came out the way you wanted them to? Sometimes a change of perspective makes all the difference. 13-year-old Brayden Harrington and Joe Biden recently brought stuttering to the nation’s attention. We’re so pleased to add an uplifting and loving picture book to the current conversation about people who stutter. From poet Jordan Scott and Small in the City author/illustrator Sydney Smith comes a powerful and uplighting #ownvoices story. I Talk Like a River is a book for anyone who has felt lost, lonely, or unable to fit in.

Neal Porter Books
ISBN: 9780823445592
On-sale now

Your Place in the Universe
A mind-boggling look at size and scale from Caldecott and Sibert Honoree Jason Chin. Take a journey from the surface of our planet to the furthest reaches of the cosmos. Most eight-year-olds are about five times as tall as this book . . . but only half as tall as an ostrich, which is half as tall as a giraffe…twenty times smaller than a California Redwood! How do they compare to the tallest buildings? To Mt. Everest? To stars, galaxy clusters, and…the universe?

Neal Porter Books
ISBN: 9780823446230
On-sale now

Eleanor, Alice, and the Roosevelt Ghosts
History turns to mystery in this other-worldly take on 1800’s New York City. Cousins Eleanor and Alice Roosevelt (yes, THAT Eleanor Roosevelt) take on the ghosts haunting their family homes and uncover buried family secrets along the way. Can they reconcile past and present to save the day? This is a perfect middle grade novel to add to your Halloween collections!

ISBN: 9780823446971
On-sale now

Middle School Bites: Tom Bites Back
Tom the Vam-Wolf-Zom is back—and so is the vampire bat that bit him—in this monstrously funny 2nd book of the Middle School Bites series about a boy who’s dying to fit in. Tom has night vision now, and he’s super-fast and strong.But when the bat that bit Tom shows up again, and speaks to him, life gets even crazier. Tom’s laugh-out-loud adventures continue as he navigates normal sixth grade stuff, despite being the only Vam-Wolf-Zom known to humankind.

ISBN: 9780823446155
On-sale now

Pine Island Home
Four sisters search for true family in this story of resilience by a Newbery Honor author. Written in Polly Horvath’s inimitable style, gentle humor and tough obstacles are woven throughout this story about the bonds of sisterhood and what makes a family. This classic-in-the-making has the charm of Little Women and the adventure of the Penderwicks. See for yourself!

ISBN: 9780823447855
On-sale now

The Bitterwine Oath
Southern Gothic YA meets supernatural true crime in Hannah West’s newest YA novel. Every 50 years, 12 men are murdered in a small Texas town. Are the perpetrators the rumored sisterhood of witches? Something that lurks in the woods? Or a big coincidence? And can Nat save the boy she loves and end the cycle of violence for good?

ISBN: 9780823445479
On-sale December 1, 2020

Dolphin Girl: Trouble in Pizza Paradise
A hysterical new middle grade graphic novel series from animator Zach Smith starring Dolphin Girl, a superhero in training with her dad, Captain Dugong. One day while dad is training Dolphin Girl in signature moves (Blowhole cannon!), our heroes discover their rivals are up to something. Dolphin Girl must summon her inner sea mammal to save the day!

HC ISBN: 9781645950172
PB ISBN: 9781645950189
On-sale October 13, 2020

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