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Invisible Publishing is a new kid on the block in these parts, and it’s a pleasure to “meet” you here.

Invisible is a small, scrappy, independent publisher of beautifully designed contemporary literature. Since publishing our first titles in 2007, our list has grown to include works of fiction, non-fiction—including our Bibliophonic series of music bios—and poetry. We’re known for taking chances on first-time authors and diverse projects that might not find homes elsewhere. Even though we’re small in scale, we take our work and our mission seriously: we believe in building communities that sustain and encourage engaging, literary, and current writing.

Our titles are available for order through Small Press Distribution. We’d love to get to know you a little bit better, so please click the Contact Us link below to say hello!

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Featured Titles from Invisible Publishing

Daniil and Vanya / Marie-Helene Larochelle, translated by Michelle Winters

We Need to Talk About Kevin meets Goodnight Mommy in this outrageous modern family thriller. Emma and Gregory—a young, successful couple who have it all—adopt a pair of twin boys from Russia. The twins immediately demonstrate a worrying lack of empathy, and trouble persists as the boys grow into teenagers—even as Emma continues to cling to her dream of the perfect family. A dark, violent, and tense novel, Daniil and Vanya shows the bond between parent and child gone brutally awry.

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Be Scared of Everything / Peter Counter

Horror essays that read like Chuck Klosterman filtered through H. P. Lovecraft. Slinging ectoplasm, tombstones, and chainsaws with aplomb, this essay collection is a frighteningly smart celebration of horror culture that will appeal to both aficionados and casual fans. This book shows us that horror—from Pokémon to ghosts to PTSD—can be just as honest, vulnerable, and funny as it is scary.

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Bleeding Light / Rob Benvie

A howl into the void, a ghost story, and a bit of a metaphysical hellride: This is a novel about mystical experiences and desperate people seeking affirmation—through religious, cosmic, chemical and other means—of a world beyond their own. A grimly funny and often trippy take on transcendence in a hypercommodified age.

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The Only Way is the Steady Way: New Baseball Essays / Andrew Forbes

Essays about baseball’s past, present, and future—and the wisdom of Ichiro Suzuki. This is a baseball memoir in scorecards and baseball cards, a recollection of the game’s biggest stars and outlandish personalities, and introspective letters to a legendary player. Just as he did in his first collection, the bestseller The Utility of Boredom, Forbes shows us how a summertime distraction might help us to make sense of the world, and how a certain enigmatic Japanese superstar offers a surprising ethos for living.

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Swimmers in Winter / Faye Guenther

Three pairs of stories delve into our present cultural moment: conflicts between queer people and the police; the impact of homophobia, bullying, and PTSD; the intersections between class identities and queer identities; experiences of economic precarity and precarious living conditions; the work of being an artist; dystopian worlds; and the impact of gentrification on public space. These are soul-searching, plot-driven character studies equally influenced by James Baldwin, Christopher Isherwood, and Elena Ferrante.

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Night Watch / Gillian Wigmore

Full of humour and compassion, these three novellas explore the lives of rural veterinarians who strain to define themselves against the back¬drop of an unforgiving job that puts them, and their relationships, at the mercy of the elements.

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A Number of Stunning Attacks / Jessi MacEachern

A raw and intimate testimony of the spatial and emotional difficulty of facing the self and the other. Drawing on a line of innovative women’s poetics in Canada, these poems recall the radical experiments of Lisa Robertson, Erìn Moure, and Gail Scott. Intoxicated by disorientation, the reader will ask: Which city is this? Which woman is this? Which reader am I?

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Prologue to Love / Martha Ostenso, new introduction by Hannah MacGregor

Autumn Dean unexpectedly returns home from Europe to her father’s ranch, where she reconnects with childhood friend Bruce Langdon—but their budding romance is halted by the revival of a mysterious family grudge. Originally published in 1931, Prologue to Love is a lush portrait of early twentieth century ranch life, and an intergenerational tale of love and loss—and hope and redemption.

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