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One of the South’s leading scholarly publishers, LSU Press publishes approximately seventy new books each year, primarily in the fields of southern history, southern foodways, southern literary studies, Louisiana history and culture, environmental studies, media studies, landscape architecture, fan studies, and poetry.

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Featured Titles from LSU Press

Southern Journey: The Migrations of the American South, 1790–2020
Edward L. Ayers
Maps by Justin Madron and Nathaniel Ayers
“Ayers elegantly presents human movement as one of the most powerful ways to understand southern history. With thoughtfully conceived and clearly executed maps, he guides us through patterns of migration ranging from forced Native removal and the slave trade to massive dislocations wrought by industrialization and war. The result is a panoramic view of over two centuries that both extends and challenges our understanding of the American South.”—Susan Schulten

81 color maps
November 2020
$39.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

Manipulating the Masses: Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda
John Maxwell Hamilton
Manipulating the Masses tells the story of an enduring threat to American democracy that arose out of WWI: the establishment of pervasive, systematic propaganda as an instrument of the state. Hamilton consulted over 150 archival collections in the U.S. and Europe to provide this comprehensive history of the Committee on Public Information.

34 b&w images, 1 line drawing
October 2020
$49.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

The Origins of Southern College Football: How an Ivy League Game Became a Dixie Tradition
Andrew McIlwaine Bell
The Origins of Southern College Football is an entertaining history of the South’s most popular sport cast against a broader narrative of the United States during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, two momentous periods of change that gave rise to the game we recognize today.

10 b&w images
August 2020
$34.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

Buried Dreams: The Hoosac Tunnel and the Demise of the Railroad Age
Andrew R. Black
The Hoosac railroad tunnel, a 19th-century engineering marvel on par with the Brooklyn Bridge, took nearly 25 years to complete, resulted in nearly two hundred casualties, and cost tens of millions of dollars to build. Yet it failed to deliver on its grandiose promise of economic renewal for the commonwealth. Andrew Blackexplains how a plan of such magnitude came to be, what forces sustained its completion, and the factors that inhibited its success.

22 b&w images, 1 line drawing, 2 maps
October 2020
$34.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

Jay Ducote’s Louisiana Outdoor Cooking
Jay Ducote with Cynthia LeJeune Nobles
“Jay Ducote has evolved simple outdoor recipes into masterpieces of the grill, smoker, ‘Cajun microwave,’ and cast-iron cauldron. Let the outdoor cooking begin!”—Chef John D. Folse

Features more than 150 recipes
73 color images

September 2020
$34.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

The Sazerac
Tim McNally
The Sazerac ranks among the most famous drinks of a city famous for its drinking, but how did this classic concoction originate? With a spirited blend of history, trivia, and recipes, Tim McNally uncovers the true story of the official cocktail of New Orleans.

15 b&w images, 4 line drawings
September 2020
$19.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

The Enduring Civil War: Reflections on the Great American Crisis
Gary W. Gallagher
In the seventy-three succinct essays gathered in The Enduring Civil War, celebrated historian Gary W. Gallagher highlights the complexity and richness of the war, from its origins to its memory, as topics for study, contemplation, and dispute.

18 b&w images
September 2020
$34.95 hardcover
On Edelweiss

The World Is a Book, Indeed: Writing, Reading, and Traveling
Peter LaSalle
The World Is a Book, Indeed chronicles in eleven rich personal essays the ongoing quest of award-winning writer Peter LaSalle to embark on offbeat, often startlingly revelatory literary travel. Deeply felt and replete with insight into literature and life itself, this is a collection for readers who love books and want to learn more about the places they originated.

2 b&w images
October 2020
$24.95 paperback
On Edelweiss

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