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Founded in New Orleans, Luna Press is dedicated to the publishing of illustrated and photography books — based on Baudelaire’s idea that there are “correspondences” between the arts and that the best and most natural appreciation of a work of art may be a response to it in another. Luna Press’ goal is to emphasize the correspondence between words and images, thereby creating beautiful books.

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Featured Titles from Luna Press

Lonely Voyagers
Images by Simon Blake, Text by Dalt Wonk

This collection of collages are assembled from images taken from “La Nature,” a 19th century French magazine. Simon Blake meticulously dissects the illustrations from this magazine with carbon scissors and surgical scalpels. He then pastes these pieces together to form new, original, imaginative pictures, which are paired with Wonk’s intriguing and humorous captions.

Structures of Reverie
Photographs by Josephine Sacabo

Josephine Sacabo’s photographs tell the story of a woman who invents her freedom by creating an imaginary architecture made of light, scraps of memory, hopes, and dreams ­– a permeable architecture where nothing is confined.It is dedicated to Juana La Loca, the supposed “mad” queen of Spain in the 16th century who for political motives was imprisoned for 46 years by her father, husband, and son in an architecture of darkness and stone.

French Quarter Fables Vol. I
Written and Illustrated by Dalt Wonk

Little animals wearing clothes, hard to resist in their bittersweet comic struggles. These fables are, in a sense, Dalt Wonk’s love letter to the French Quarter — his home for over 40 years. The animals, flowers, and insects are almost all Quarter denizens: a frog in his courtyard lily pond, a rat in the stone riprap on the levee, and a roach in the kitchen of a restaurant. Fables are one of the most ancient ways of talking about life. French Quarter Fables shows how fresh, original and entertaining they still can be.

French Quarter Fables Vol. II
Written and Illustrated by Dalt Wonk

French Quarter Fables Volume I sold like hot cakes. So, there was nothing to do but issue a second volume. French Quarter Fables Volume II is a totally new collection of delightful tales! It doesn’t matter which volume you start with. Once you have one, you’ll want the other. They’re habit-forming! “Wonk’s admiration for the people, the predicaments, and the pleasures and perils of life in this fabulous city is visibly expressed on every page.” – Pelican Bomb

Lux Perpetua
Photographs by Josephine Sacabo, Text by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

This series was inspired by the life and work of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, a 17th century Mexican nun who was one of the greatest poets and intellectuals of the American continent. She created the most renowned salon of her time from behind the bars of her cloistered cell. And in that cell she studied science and philosophy; wrote poems, plays, and music; and championed women’s rights to intellectual and spiritual freedom. In the end, after resisting valiantly for over twenty years, she was silenced by the Inquisition. Sacabo’s images help break that silence so that we may once again ‘hear her with our eyes.’

Spiritual Gifts: French Quarter Short Stories
Written by Dalt Wonk, Illustrated by Simon Gunning

A piano bar on lower Bourbon Street. The kind of place tourists peek into but then avoid. Brenda Saenz, an elderly woman, holds court at the piano. She is abundantly made up and carries herself with the hauteur of a White Russian exile. In brief chapters, we meet Brenda’s staff and customers. The cleaning lady – a once famous rhythm and blues star. The waitress – a rebellious runaway from the Northeast. A carriage driver, who tries to help promote the bar with tourists. But it is Brenda’s own secret tragedy that this group must deal with or flee from – in the final chapter that gives the book its name.

The Riddles of Existence
Written and Illustrated by Dalt Wonk

A costume is a sort of visual riddle — especially on Mardi Gras, when the imagination runs wild. “What are you supposed to be?” one asks the mysterious apparition, walking toward you in the street. Inspired by costume designs of the golden age of Mardi Gras,

The Riddles of Existence is a kind of modern reinvention of Tarot Cards. But these cards are not for predicting the future — they are for having fun now! The Riddles of Existence are an oversized deck of cards, each featuring a figure wearing a costume. Beneath the illustration, there is a riddle in verse. The costume is the answer, or a hint at the answer, of the riddle.

It’s a game any number can play. You can have fun alone or, even better, with friends. Turn up a card. Read the riddle. Contemplate the costume. Who can guess the answer?

Beyond Thought
Images by Josephine Sacabo, Text by Clarice Lispector

“This series is guided with exquisite precision by the writings of the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector. She has guided me to what I call the ‘I wish I had my camera’ moments in my life – moments of experiencing the essence of something before it is embodied in a word or image; moments ‘beyond thought.’ She found the words and I in turn have formed an image for her words. I hope these images have done justice to the power of the sensations at their source. And to Clarice Lispector.” – Josephine Sacabo

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