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For the past 30 years, NorthSouth Books has published a wide range of high-quality picture books. We release about 30 books a year, with titles that span the globe. From Japan to France, from Switzerland to the US, we are a truly international publisher. We are excited to share digital ARC’s of all of our titles, via the Edelweiss catalogs linked below.

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Featured Titles from NorthSouth Books

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Hans Christian Andersen: The Journey of His Life

Through an enchanted conversation with a young girl in a horse-drawn coach, Hans Christian Andersen shares his life’s struggles, dreams, and triumphs—whose threads can be found woven into his greatest stories. He tells her about the “fairy tale of his life” and how the son of a shoemaker became a celebrated writer. A stunningly inventive picture book biography.

Ida and the World Beyond Mount Kaiserzipf

With expressive colors, dynamic shapes, and a simple but evocative text, Linda Schwalbe’s debut picture book is a joyful tribute to Ida Pfeiffer—one of the first female explorers to travel around the world.

The Little Mermaid

Acclaimed illustrator Bernadette Watts brings to new life this world-famous, unabridged fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen—immersing the reader in the magical world beneath the sea.

There Was a Turkey on the Farm

Turkey is bored! But when Turkey ventures off the farm to find a friend, she meets someone who would love to be her companion: sly, hungry fox. Will her farm friends save her? Valeri Gorbachev’s indelible sense of humor and heart make this a wonderful book for the whole family!

The Little Bell

Christmas is coming!

In a church tower, three bells practice ringing for Christmas Eve. But the newest and smallest bell in the tower is silent. What could be wrong? The dove, the wise crow, and all the other animals find good words to try to encourage the little bell to ring. But nothing works . . . until Christmas Eve when they find the words that inspire the little bell to ring out—“Peace on earth.” An inventive story about the meaning of Christmas, with ethereal illustrations by Maja Dusíková.

Merry Christmas, Rainbow Fish

A brand-new, never-before-published board book for Christmas! Rainbow Fish and his friends brighten the undersea world on Christmas Day—bringing joy to friends and acquaintances.

Rainbow Fish has been delighting children and adults around the world for more than twenty-five years. Join Rainbow Fish and his friends in this new Christmas adventure that’s sure to bring some sparkle to the season.

Lemon Child

The lemons on the tree are finally ripe, and there is great excitement. Only one of the little lemons is still green. Little Toni has a mind of his own. The view from the lemon tree is enough for him. Who wants to go out into the big wild world? But soon Toni is the only lemon left hanging on the tree. Will he take a risk and jump? When Toni finally lets go, his courage is rewarded.

Nele Brönner’s humorous story about maturity and growing up with her expressive style is sure to charm little listeners.

Leo’s Monster

When Leo, the city mouse, visits his friend Zoe in the countryside for the first time, he meets a huge and horrible monster. It’s gigantic, has lots of horns, an enormous tail, and when it roars, the earth shakes. At least that’s what Leo saw. Or did he? Zoe thinks his description sounds just like Berta, the sweet-tempered cow in the meadow…

Bestselling author Marcus Pfister skillfully weaves a hilarious story of mystery, suspense and just a hint of scariness.

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