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New Voices New Rooms featured some of the most exciting writers working today, and highlighted the incredible breadth of their diversity and creativity.

America Never Was America to Me
Margaret Kimberley / Prejudential + Kim Johnson / This Is My America + Iljeoma Oluo / Mediocre + Kaitlyn Greenidge / Libertie

Helen Macdonald on Vesper Flights

The Way Forward: Meeting Crisis with Creativity / Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Glennon Doyle in Conversation


Bookseller Certification Program Events

Event Management: Press Kits

Event Management: Successful Virtual Events

4th Quarter Strategies for Uncertain Times

Emergency Preparedness
We don’t always live in a pandemic. Floods, fires, storms, all theft all happen regardless. Be prepared!

Killer Author Pitches
Stop scratching your head and wondering why your author pitch didn’t yield results. A successful event manager and a publicist will tell you what works.

Event Disruption
Whether in-store or online, someone inevitably disrupts an event. Learn how to plan for prevention, and plan for action.

Pre-Order Campaigns
There are so many tools at our disposal for pre-order campaigns. Make sure you are using them and maxing out your income potential.

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