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Featured Titles from the University Press of Florida

Star Crossed: The Story of Astronaut Lisa Nowak

By Kimberly C. Moore
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“Moore . . . explains in her gripping debut how Nowak, a decorated astronaut and mother of three, could risk everything for love. . . . This is must reading for true crime fans.”—Publishers Weekly

Portraits of Cuba

By Daniel Duncan, Marcela Vásquez-León, and Dereka Rushbrook
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“This vibrant work explores everyday life in contemporary Cuba. . . . The accessibly written entries are packed with information. . . . Those interested in Cuban culture, as well as armchair travelers, will find plenty to appreciate.”—Publishers Weekly

Taste the Islands: Culinary Adventures in a Caribbean Kitchen

By Hugh Sinclair, Cynthia Verna, and Calibe Thompson

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“The authors incorporate their knowledge of the region’s history, noting native traditions and colonial influences, as well as the variety present in today’s Caribbean cuisine, influenced as it has been by the international nature of the contemporary culinary scene. This perspective results in a nuanced approach which is enriched by the joy the chefs clearly find in their work.”—Booklist

The Greenway Imperative: Connecting Communities and Landscapes for a Sustainable Future

By Charles A. Flink
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“[Flink] draws from his professional experience in greenway design and development to reveal the world’s growing need for such spaces and the processes used to bring them to life.”—Landscape Architecture Magazine

Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock

By Michael Ray FitzGerald
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“Fun and informative. . . . Fans of southern rock will appreciate Fitzgerald’s entertaining survey.”—Publishers Weekly

Tossed to the Wind: Stories of Hurricane Maria Survivors

By María T. Padilla and Nancy Rosado
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“Provides compelling narratives about the harrowing experiences of Puerto Ricans on the island during Hurricane Maria, the many failures of the government in addressing the crisis both there and among evacuees in the United States, and their resilience in searching for solutions.”—Elizabeth Garcia, author of Healing Memories: Puerto Rican Women’s Literature in the United States

The Last Resort: Jewish South Beach, 1977–1986

By Gary Monroe
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“In dozens of evocative black and white pictures, Mr. Monroe captured the Old World ambience of Jewish South Beach in its heyday. . . .The Last Resort reconstructs this exceptional period of South Florida history.”—Miami Today

Alfred Hair: Heart of the Highwaymen

By Gary Monroe
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“Monroe’s collection stuns, a brilliant portrait of a young artist who died before witnessing his impact on a generation of regional artists and art collectors.”—Publishers Weekly

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