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We’re so glad you’re here. We know the last couple of months haven’t been the easiest for booksellers and bookstores, so it means a lot to us that you’re stopping by for a visit. Workman’s Fall 2020 list is packed with timely and important titles (like How to Argue With a Racist, The ABCs of Black History, Immunity, and more), but we’ve also got some things that are just for fun (Star Wars Origami 2, Tiny Love Stories, and puzzles galore!). We hope these titles bring you and your customers as much joy reading them as we had making them.

Family-owned and proudly independent, Workman Publishing Company is known for its award-winning cookbooks, parenting and pregnancy guides, children’s books, books on gardening, illustrated gift books, humor, fiction, serious nonfiction, and the bestselling calendar line in the business. Our imprints and partners include Workman Publishing, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, Algonquin Young Readers, Artisan, Storey Publishing, Timber Press, The Experiment, duopress, Erewhon Books, and Familius.

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Featured Titles from Workman

How to Astronaut
In this wildly entertaining account of the rules, lessons, procedures, and experiences of space travel, former NASA Astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station Terry Virts reveals the often-untold side of an experience that few will ever know firsthand: astronaut survival training, how to deal with a dead body in space, space shuttle emergencies, the art of putting on a spacesuit, time travel, and much more!


The ABC’s of Black History
Brimming with passion, beauty, flow, and style, here is an ABC book like no other—a celebration of Black history and culture in lively verse, written by the poet Rio Cortez and illustrated by Lauren Semmer. In this book, the letters represent history (G is for the Great Migration), culture (K for Kwanzaa), people and places (H is for Harlem and Zora Neale Hurston), and big ideas (B for beautiful, bold, brave, brotherhood).

Rio Cortez is a regional author! She is based in Harlem.

The Fortunate Ones
When Charlie Boykin was young, he’d thought his life with his single mother was really just fine. But when his mother’s connections get Charlie into boarding school and give them access to the upper echelons of Nashville society, Charlie falls under the spell of all that a life among the wealthy can mean. For fans of Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth and Kevin Wilson’s Nothing to See Here, The Fortunate Ones is an engrossing novel of class, love, and loyalty.

Ed Tarkington is a regional author! He resides in Nashville, TN.

Written by critically-acclaimed author Kaitlyn Greenidge, Libertie is a coming-of-age story about a freeborn Black woman in Reconstruction-era Brooklyn. From her girlhood in her intense and brilliant mother’s medical practice to her adulthood as a wife in Haiti, Libertie Sampson finds that in order to claim a better, more free future for herself, she must let go of the expectations of those whose love has made her subordinate – never equal. Rooted in historical detail and brought to life through deeply human characters, Libertie is perfect for readers of Brit Bennett and Yaa Gyasi.

Kaitlyn Greenidge is a regional author! She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

The Midnight Bargain
From the beloved World Fantasy Award-winning author of Witchmark comes a sweeping, romantic new fantasy set in a world reminiscent of Regency England, where women’s magic is taken from them when they marry. A sorceress must balance her desire to become the first great female magician against her duty to her family in this smart and accessible fantasy novel with themes of feminism and social justice.

Skunk and Badger
Wallace and Gromit meets Winnie-the-Pooh in a fresh take on a classic odd-couple friendship, from Newbery Honor author Amy Timberlake with illustrations throughout by Jon Klassen. This beautifully bound book contains both full-color pages and numerous black-and-white illustrations. Skunk and Badger is a book you’ll want to read, reread, and read out loud…again and again.

Down Along With That Devil’s Bones
Journalist Connor Towne O’Neill takes a deep dive into American history, exposing the still-raging battles over monuments dedicated to one of the most notorious Confederate generals, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Through the lens of these conflicts, O’Neill examines the legacy of white supremacy in America, in a sobering and fascinating work sure to resonate with readers.

Connor Towne O’Neill is a regional author! He is based in Auburn, AL.

A Man & His Car
A celebration of cars and stories that speak to the heart of men’s obsession with them, told in firsthand and original interviews with notable car enthusiasts including Jay Leno, Kevin Costner, and Snoop Dogg. With Hranek’s storytelling, the cars become more than just vehicles for transportation and status symbols; they represent pop-culture moments, pioneering achievements, heirlooms, friendships, and more. Exquisite photos of each car accompany each story.

Matt Hranek is a regional author! He lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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