NVNR Bookstore Row Portal

If your store’s virtual business card was displayed in Bookstore Row in 2021, you may simply update it and save for NVNR 2022 for both the May and August events. If your store is new to Bookstore Row, fill out the Create a New Store Card linked below. You may update your virtual business card at any time to update or add additional information

Bookstore Row Portal FAQs
  • Check the list below to see whether your store has an existing Bookstore Row Virtual Business Card. Use the search box at the top right of the list to quickly filter to your store.
  • Click Update Your Store Card and sign in with the email address used to create the card. After your cardloads, click the blue button (example below) to update, and click the SAVE button.
    (This image is only an example. Sign in below to view your store’s card!)
  • If your store is not in the list below, click Create a New Store Card below.
  • Need help? Click the button at the right.

Click the menu button below to view all options.

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