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New Voices New Rooms is created and hosted jointly by the New Atlantic Booksellers Association (NAIBA) and the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA).

New Voices New Rooms Staff

EILEEN DENGLER has happily served as executive director of NAIBA for over twenty years. Prior to joining NAIBA, she served as director of meetings & conventions for ABA. With New Voices New Rooms, she is working closely with Linda-Marie Barrett to fill the education schedule, exhibit hall, and author events with the best content to educate and entertain booksellers. And she’s relieved she doesn’t have to wear her dowdy convention shoes this year.

LINDA-MARIE BARRETT is the Executive Director of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA). Prior to joining SIBA, she was the General Manager of Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe in Asheville, NC. She’s working with Eileen on show programming, and is excited this year to bring booksellers virtually into the libraries, writing and illustration studios, kitchens, and music rooms of authors they love, or will come to love. She’s also passionate about putting together a knock-your-socks-off Show Box. Ask her about it! And she’s not-so-secretly thrilled to rock her bedroom slippers the whole show!

NICKI LEONE has worked as SIBA’s Website and Systems Administrator since 2005. Her childhood dream was to be the crazy lady in the house at the end of the street with all the books and cats, a dream she has largely fulfilled. She will read anything except diet books, loves really long doorstop novels, and can’t wait for the new Susanna Clarke coming this fall. She handles registration, production, and communication for New Voices New Rooms.

KIT LITTLE is honored to serve as Executive Administrator of NAIBA for five years and counting. She is also Director of Marketing for the Towne Book Center & Wine Bar, a wonderful indie bookstore Kit joined the staff of in 2008. As part of the team bringing you New Voices New Rooms, Kit is handling exhibits, authors, and ad sales. She can be reached directly at naibabooksellers@gmail.com, but will miss seeing everyone in person this year.

KATHY ELLEN DAVIS has been the social media coordinator for NAIBA since 2019 and is excited to help out on the social media side for New Rooms New Voices. When not on social media as NAIBA, she can be found reading kidlit, writing kidlit, recommending kidlit at Bards Alley bookstore, talking about kidlit on TikTok, and singing the Anna parts to all the Frozen songs while her four year old sings the Elsa parts.

SP RANKIN has worked with SIBA since 2016 in website development, and is doing the same for New Voices New Rooms. Her hobbies include photography and taking a generally unserious view of life. She’s working on improving both.

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