Adventure Awaits
in the NVNR Galley Room!

Browse titles throughout the show, and add your requests. Available galleys will be updated throughout the show! Then settle in for a season of great reads that will thrill and delight your customers…

How to Request Galleys & ARCs
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Galley Room FAQs

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  1. Browse the selections below.
  2. Click the red GALLEY REQUESTS button below and sign in with your registration email to view your galley shelf.
  3. Click the button at the top to add titles and update your shipping information.
  4. Click the SAVE button.
  5. You may add to and edit your shelf until the end of the NVNR event.

NOTE: Titles are divided alphabetically in the scrollable lists. Titles beginning with “A” or “The” are listed under the first letter of the word after the article. For example The Ways We Hide is listed in T-Z.

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