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Welcome to Bookstore Row on New Voices New Rooms!

Enjoy exploring the diverse community of indie booksellers NAIBA and SIBA represent. Read the instructions below to make the most of Bookstore Row–whether you’re a bookseller, publisher, sideline vendor, author, sales rep, or media rep.

How to make the most of Bookstore Row!

The virtual bookstore business cards below can be searched, filtered, shared, and downloaded (CSV file) in both the gallery and grid views.

Click here for a list view.

Viewing and Sharing:

  • Click on “learn more” to see all the store details, or click on the store logo image to view its standalone page. To share, copy the card’s direct link.
  • Click the filter button in list or grid views to display stores by state, type, and more. Use the Search box to instantly search for any term.
  • Click above for a list view. To download a CSV file click the three dots next to the Sort button.

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